"Nothing makes me prettier than a few lines of coke"

Please someone talk to me


Interviewer: If you were interviewing your favorite band, what would you want to know?

Mikey: I can’t think of a specific band, that’s the thing.

Frank: She said your favorite band. So what’s your favorite band?

Mikey: Morrissey. Hmm, what do I want to know from that guy?

Gerard: [To Frank] I think I know what yours would be.

Frank: Oh, go, go, answer for me!

Gerard: [Laughing] “Why are you such a prick? Why’d you go get a sandwich when you could have talked to me?” -

Mikey: That’s so sad. -

Ray: I’d probably ask Randy Rhoads how it felt dying in a plane crash.

Mikey: He wouldn’t answer because he’s dead. I’d probably ask Morrissey how it feels to be a sweet little dude.


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